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On the one hand, the high productivity barrier lake breaks at any time. On the other hand, when the difference is outside the range of ± 2, the hardness tester must be revised and repaired or replaced with other hardness testing methods. The policy control means of high-rise and high-rise fight have repeatedly failed. Why is there such a mess in the PVC industry

statistics show that PVC is even more sensitive to GDP than house prices. There is an obvious positive correlation between its demand and China's GDP growth rate. Every 1% increase in GDP can drive the demand for PVC to increase by about 500000 tons. The output and consumption of PVC ranks first among the five general resins in China

is such an industry that has attracted much attention from the market, but it has been repeatedly hit hard by policies since 2006. The reasons for the policy to crack down on calcium carbide PVC process are clear at a glance: the "two high and two low" situation of high energy consumption, high pollution, low efficiency and low threshold determines the characteristics that money can enter, electricity can be produced, and profit can be expanded, which also makes it easy to quickly expand the production capacity of calcium carbide PVC

on the other hand, although the ethylene PVC process is encouraged by the policy, why can't the falling weight test device process in Figure 2 of calcium carbide PVC be replaced

the reason is the cost. In the main production area of calcium carbide PVC in China, many enterprises enjoy very low electricity price resources, and some enterprises even have their own power plants, which means that the cost of calcium carbide PVC with more than 50% of the cost coming from electricity price is controllable and profitable. Therefore, even if the production capacity is high and the operating rate is less than 60% in recent years, these enterprises are still profitable, and they choose to fight against it

from another perspective, because the main cost of calcium carbide PVC comes from electricity price and the main raw material comes from coal, calcium carbide PVC can fight more and more bravely. From the side, it shows that in China, there are a large number of cheap coal resources supporting high energy consuming industries such as calcium carbide PVC. Otherwise, if the international crude oil price is low enough, ethylene PVC will be popular, and then the production capacity of calcium carbide PVC will be completely eliminated

here is an important message: in the Chinese market, the relationship between the production capacity of calcium carbide PVC and ethylene PVC actually reflects the price comparison relationship between crude oil prices and coal prices in different development cycles and historical periods

Jiang Xinmin of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission believes that from the perspective of the international market where the square of a=f is divided by 250 times D, the United States, the European camp and the OPEC camp influence each other on the trend of international crude oil prices. However, from the Perspective of China, since China has no say in the international crude oil market, PVC can bridge the crude oil and coal markets at the same time. Behind the growth and decline of calcium carbide and ethylene methods, it reflects that, China hopes to use the policy regulation of calcium carbide PVC to complete the subtle stimulation of China's dependence on foreign oil

"At least for now, no matter coal to oil or coal to gas, it is impossible for China to establish a large-scale price comparison relationship with crude oil resources. Therefore, PVC is the best sample. By observing the changes between the production capacity of calcium carbide PVC and ethylene PVC, it is clear that the domestic market still believes that the international crude oil price will continue to rise in the future, which is also the reason why calcium carbide PVC Choose to fight to the end, waiting for the secret of spring. " When communicating with the author, Jiang Xinmin frankly said that what is hidden under the PVC chaos is exactly the path choice that China finally takes as the most basic energy

over the past 60 years, coal has dominated China's energy consumption structure. Although China's demand for crude oil has increased sharply in the past 10 years due to factors such as traffic improvement and consumption upgrading. At the end of May this year, China's dependence on foreign crude oil even hit a record high of 54%, in terms of total volume, coal will continue to play a leading role in China's energy structure in the long term because a large amount of coal has been converted into electricity and chemical resources, At least by observing the counter example of calcium carbide PVC, which has been hit repeatedly and thrived repeatedly, it can be seen that the Chinese government has played a certain role in stabilizing the price of domestic crude oil and petrochemical products through the orderly development of the coal chemical industry

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