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Policies are conducive to the "going out" of China's equipment manufacturing industry

policies are conducive to the "going out" of China's equipment manufacturing industry

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at present, China's industrial structure is undergoing profound adjustment, and some major strategies and policies are conducive to the going out of China's equipment manufacturing enterprises

for China's equipment manufacturing enterprises, the first type of instruments and meters are used on the consumption line. The strategic deployment of the "the Belt and Road" and the self appointed famous trade zone have brought unprecedented development opportunities to China, and also paved the way for the equipment manufacturing industry to go global

on the one hand, strategies such as the "the Belt and Road" have opened up markets for enterprises in emerging countries, most of which are developing countries with strong demand for infrastructure construction and huge investment scale. At present, enterprises in many equipment manufacturing fields, including engineering machinery, nuclear power and high-speed rail, have begun to plan around the "the Belt and Road" and strive to go to sea by boat; The establishment of the Asian infrastructure investment bank and the implementation of various policies have accelerated the pace of RMB internationalization. The capital settlement problem in the process of manufacturing capacity output can be effectively solved by equipping and possibly adjusting the position and size of the head to meet the experimental requirements of different sizes of pipe fittings, which will effectively eliminate the exchange rate risk of China's equipment enterprises, and greatly promote the investment cooperation and trade facilitation of various countries

on the other hand, the government vigorously promotes the simplification of administration and decentralization, solves the financing problems of enterprises through various ways, and reduces the burden for enterprises. The equipment enterprises that get rid of the "burden" will go all out to deal with the "strong competitors" in the international market. In addition, in order to solve the problem of the application of the first set of major technical equipment, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other three ministries and commissions jointly formulated the "insurance compensation mechanism for the first set of major technical equipment", which systematically eliminates the worries of enterprise users when using domestic equipment

at present, China's policies to support the export of equipment manufacturing industry are improving day by day, and enterprises are also making great strides in "going global". In recent years, China's equipment enterprises have repeatedly made gains in exporting overseas. Projects such as high-speed rail and nuclear power have signed relevant agreements with many countries, and relevant technology development and project construction will be carried out in the future; During his visit to Kazakhstan, the prime minister personally "won" a major infrastructure order worth $18billion, which benefited many industries of China's equipment manufacturing and provided a rare opportunity for China's equipment manufacturing to "go global"

looking back before joining the WTO in 2001, the market of our country was once filled with panic. In the face of the surging foreign-funded enterprises, the voice of "the wolf is coming" could not be heard. After more than 10 years of hard experience, it has been proved that Chinese enterprises, the "Lambs" in the market, have not been eliminated by foreign "wolves", but are growing stronger and stronger, and are marching towards a broad overseas market. With the support of the national strategy, it is believed that the tested domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises will be fearless and can make great achievements in overseas markets

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