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November 4 China Plastics spot PVC market brief

on November 4, China Plastics price index reported 751.64 points, down 9.26 points from the previous trading day; The China Plastics spot index closed at 953.36 points, down 14.97 points from the previous trading day

I. upstream express:

international oil prices followed the stock market during the Asian trading session on Monday, and New York crude oil futures broke through $69 a barrel on the electronic disk. However, during the London trading session, the pessimistic forecast of the European Commission's autumn forecast report on the eurozone economy turned up into a fall in international oil prices. During the trading session in New York, the American Institute for supply management statistics showed that the U.S. manufacturing index fell to the lowest level in 26 years, intensifying market concerns about oil demand, country "With the introduction of the deposit return system, oil prices accelerated their decline and crude oil futures in New York fell below $64. At the close of Monday, the December futures of West Texas light oil on the New York Mercantile futures exchange was $63.91 a barrel, which created a new profit growth point than the previous transaction with two main light bars trapezoidal arrangement. The daily decline was $3.90, with a trading range of $63..19.

Asian market: a 2000 ton November styrene cargo was traded at a transaction price of $545/ton CF R China lc90. At present, the main supporting factor of the market comes from the shutdown of two major manufacturers in East China, which has reduced the inventory in East China. However, due to the fundamental improvement, the market of raw benzene continues to decline. Therefore, we should not be too optimistic about the future

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Shanghai chlor alkali PVC was under construction due to raw material problems, and the new price fell yesterday. At present, all models are delivered to the surrounding spot exchange of about 5700 yuan/ton, acceptance of 5800 yuan/ton, general delivery with inventory, and the later price will be adjusted according to the market

Shandong Haihua PVC plant was under construction, and the price was temporarily stable after being lowered over the weekend. Type 5 "Today, the local ex factory quotation of Lilians is 5850 yuan/ton, and the price outside the province is low yuan/ton. Recently, there are very few goods shipped outside the province; in addition, the maintenance plan of the plant is pushed to next week.

about 40% of the PVC plant in Shanxi Yushe is under construction, and the price is subject to the market. That is, the ex factory quotation of type 5 is about 6000 yuan/ton, the demand is poor, the shipment is general, and the production and marketing balance is basically maintained.

the old plant of Henan Haohua Aerospace PVC Jiaozuo is still in parking, and the new plant is 200000 yuan The ton start-up is basically normal, and the new price has been lowered. At present, the factory of type 5 in the province is about 5600 yuan/ton, and the price of type 3 is 100 yuan/ton. The above price can be accepted. The manufacturer said that the actual shipment is a single deal, large orders are preferential, and sales are under pressure

III. market situation:

the PVC market price in Qilu Chemical City continues to decline. At present, the mainstream quotations are: the price of s700 is 5800 yuan/ton, the price of S1000 is 5850 yuan/ton, and the price of qs1050p is 5750 yuan/ton. The overall trading volume is small

the PVC market in Wuhan is not good. The mainstream delivery price of type 5 ordinary calcium carbide is about 5700 yuan/ton, with slightly higher and lower prices. The price of Hubei Yihua is around 5750 yuan/ton. The supply of goods in the market is general, and the sluggish demand makes traders lose confidence in the future market, and a small amount of goods are delivered fast in and fast out. The market price has fallen again and again, but the transaction has not improved at all

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