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A few days before the implementation of the supervision measures for inspection and Quarantine of import and export dairy products on May 1, the official of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China announced that the supervision and administration measures for inspection and Quarantine of import and export dairy products will be implemented on May 1. The labels of imported dairy products will be marked with foreign awards, honors, certification marks and other contents, and relevant supporting documents confirmed through diplomatic channels should be provided, This means that in the future, the foreign milk powder that blows water will no longer be able to talk freely

the truth of milk powder merchants blowing water at random has become a mystery.

according to the announcement recently issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine on the implementation of the relevant requirements of the measures for the supervision and administration of inspection and Quarantine of imported and exported dairy products based on the export amount of each month in 2013, confirmation through diplomatic channels refers to confirmation by Chinese embassies and consulates abroad or foreign embassies and consulates in China

insiders believe that the reason why the AQSIQ has set such a strict official threshold is that some foreign milk powders with improper origins generally have water blowing ingredients. Some brands that can't be seen in foreign markets claim to be international famous brands when they come to China. In fact, they cheat consumers when they win this or that award

recently, we saw at the milk powder counter in a large supermarket in the city that in order to show their good quality, many foreign milk powder generally highlighted the original imported or various food certification information on the outer packaging. Take an infant milk powder that claims to be imported from Australia as an example. The outer packaging claims to have been certified as follows: origin in Australia, EU organic food, Australian agriculture, animal husbandry and Forestry Bureau health certificate, Australia New Zealand Food Standards Agency Food Standards Code (FSC) The Australian inspection and Quarantine Bureau's export commodities directive (pggo) welcomes calls to learn more about the relevant knowledge and the processing of export controlled food order (PFO) and so on

Ms. Wang, who is shopping for infant milk powder, said that she often sees imported milk powder marked with the words of origin, original imported or organic and pure natural, and claims to have obtained official certification from the FDA of the United States or New Zealand, Australia, the European Union and other places. Seeing these will indeed increase her trust and desire to buy, but she does not know its authenticity. Even professional milk powder sellers can not fully grasp the true information of suppliers. According to the management personnel of a specialized infant products store in Haizhu District, in the process of purchasing foreign milk powder, they once asked for certification certificates from merchants. Some English certificates are difficult to determine the authenticity of their numbers and contents, and they also lack experience and ways to communicate with food regulatory authorities in other countries. Some commodities can not provide certificates, so the upstream merchants shirk it on the grounds that the certificates are at the importer or handed over to the competent authorities

the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded the majority of foreign trade enterprises that they must clearly require foreign investors to provide relevant certificates when signing the import dairy trade contract, so as not to delay the customs clearance time or even be prohibited from import due to the failure to provide relevant supporting materials

Songliang, a researcher of China commercial circulation Productivity Promotion Center, also believes that the new version of the measures will help to link with the traceability system of domestic milk powder production. It is understood that at present, most domestic milk powder raw materials use overseas milk sources, so it is difficult to implement traceability. However, the new version of management measures will help to realize the traceability of domestic milk powder to foreign countries

it will block out some small and fake dairy enterprises, which is a kind of protection for enterprises that abide by the rules. An insider of a European dairy import enterprise said in an interview that the new regulations are more stringent, not only raising the entry threshold, but also increasing the traceability of products, especially the requirements for milk sources, which were not available before. Previously, there were no relevant provisions for milk sources. It is impossible to distinguish whether many fake products are really imported products. Now, there is an inspection, quarantine and traceability system for milk sources, It can be distinguished which are real imported dairy products

the above-mentioned management personnel of maternity and infant supplies stores pointed out that the AQSIQ requires that the foreign certification of imported dairy products should be recognized by China's official channels, which can effectively crack down on fake foreign brand milk powder, prevent foreign milk powder from boasting and misleading consumers, regulate the domestic dairy market and protect the rights and interests of consumers

some small enterprises have raised import costs or quit

in recent years, foreign brand milk powder has been increasing to the Chinese market. Then let's learn about the details of the cement pressure testing machine? Foreign brands have carved up half of the sales of high-end milk powder. Behind this seemingly brilliant report card, we cannot ignore some safety problems caused by imported milk powder. Various signs indicate that China's inspection and quarantine departments are paying more attention to the safety of imported dairy products

it is learned that some milk powder importing enterprises have felt that they have entered the customs. We also wish the annual meeting of the non metal branch in September a great success. The testing time and the degree of care are increasing, so that the average inventory of enterprises has increased by nearly one month

according to the analysis of insiders, from May, imported milk powder can only enter China after risk assessment and meeting the requirements. At that time, not only imported milk powder brands, but also some small and medium-sized enterprises that rely on foreign milk sources will also face multiple tests such as increased testing costs, extended inventory time, and slower goods turnover period. Considering the high cost of testing, some small companies may withdraw from the market

sampling inspection and handling procedures are indeed becoming more and more strict. Yesterday, another dairyman engaged in the import of milk powder from Europe said that the industry had previously reserved an average of 23 months from foreign shipments to obtaining China's health certificate, but now it needs to reserve an extra month. Although the delivery is slow, the inventory is large, and some funds are depressed, the large-scale dairy enterprises believe that the impact of strengthening the inspection on the milk powder price and the operating profit of the enterprise is not obvious

some consumers are worried that this will lead to the price of domestic and foreign milk powder rising again. In this regard, a relevant person in charge of an imported milk powder enterprise believes that this is certain. The new version of the management measures adds inspection and quarantine items and links, which undoubtedly increases the cost. The wool comes from the sheep, and these costs will certainly be passed on to consumers

the proportion of these expenses in the operating cost is still very low, which is unlikely to be the reason for the price rise of milk powder. According to the above dairy industry sources, what they really can't afford is the entrance fees and labor costs of supermarkets in the sales link, which have doubled in the past two to three years

domestic milk powder is expected to gain development space

in recent years, negative incidents of foreign milk powder safety have emerged one after another. In January this year, melamine was detected in New Zealand dairy products; Not long ago, there was another uproar over the miso rier incident. These incidents made consumers realize that it may not be necessary to blindly pursue foreign brands. Foreign milk powder is not necessarily more suitable for Chinese infants than domestic milk powder. The gradual change of consumer concept has laid a foundation for domestic dairy enterprises to regain confidence

according to the analysis and Research Report on China's infant milk powder Market in released by Shangpu consulting, the foreign brand safety incident has indeed brought rare development opportunities to domestic milk enterprises

however, to seize the development opportunity and regain the position, domestic milk powder enterprises must consciously correct some wrong business logic. Wangdingmian, a well-known domestic dairy expert, pointed out that some large dairy enterprises base their market share on CCTV advertising, which is not desirable. In recent years, the top three large enterprises spend as much as 5billion and 7billion yuan on advertising every year. When they open the TV every day, they are full of advertising. To expand the market and win over consumers, they are not based on product quality, but blindly pursue advertising effect. Such an enterprise does not mean that it has real market strength

wangdingmian also said that the multi-level and complex business model and business logic in the domestic infant milk powder market are worth considering. At present, the price of milk powder in China is so expensive, which is 12 times higher than that in foreign countries. This is related to the operation logic of setting up five or six layers of agents and dealers in marketing. This kind of too complex and large segmentation will increase the cost of goods and increase the burden on consumers. Moreover, the current profit distribution of the whole industry is very unreasonable, forming a typical pyramid structure. Dairy farmers' breeding is at the top, dairy processing industry is in the middle, and the operators selling milk products are the most profitable at the bottom. Cattle breeders only get a small profit, which will affect their enthusiasm for raising cattle, affect the production and supply of milk sources, and cause dairy factories to make bricks without straw

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