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The development of a new type of rope cutter has successfully filled the gap in China

Guangdong Dongguan Jinzhou Paper Co., Ltd. has a new production line with a daily output of 1000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper. Its beating equipment is the largest 13.5dr 140m3 D-type hydraulic pulper made by KBC company of the United States, and its supporting rope cutter is a new product of Jining Huayi light machinery - zts3 type rope cutter. It is an advanced coarse screening and purification equipment developed by Huayi Company in 2002 on the basis of digesting and absorbing the international advanced technology of 75 light partition slats, combined with years of experience in the design and production of zts1 and zts2 Rope Winches. It is mainly used in conjunction with the hydraulic pulper, so that the impurities contained in waste paper, such as iron wire, fine rope, cotton yarn, plastic sheets and other long strip impurities, are continuously rotated and wound during the operation of the hydraulic pulper, A strand rope is formed and continuously pulled out and discharged to preliminarily purify the slurry. The utility model has the advantages of high work efficiency, low power consumption, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc

the main parameters are: the winch speed is 50m per hour, the matching power is 5.5kW, and the reducer drives

since the equipment was used in Guangdong Dongguan Jinzhou Paper Co., Ltd. in June, it has operated stably and reliably, and all performance indicators have met the design requirements. The users believe that: the formation of strand rope is good, the quality of twisted impurities is large, the use effect is good, and the structure is compact. It has reached the international advanced level, filled the domestic gap, and met the production needs. It is an ideal equipment for large-scale hydraulic pulper. The successful development of the equipment for auto door handle clearing has made a new contribution to the localization of China's pulp and paper equipment. 2. It has an automatic guidance system

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