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Zhengzhou Dingsheng: the strong backing of sludge treatment enterprises on the road to environmental protection Test of static stiffness of axle box spring and other mechanical performance indicators; sludge treatment pressure of major sewage enterprises is doubled. Although we know that industrial enterprises and sewage treatment plants must carry out sludge treatment in order to operate smoothly, we do not know how to select sludge treatment equipment and whether the sludge treatment technology is perfect among the fully mature sludge treatment environmental protection enterprises in China. Zhengzhou Dingsheng comes from solving the sludge treatment problems of industrial enterprises and sewage treatment plants, and is the strong backing of all sludge discharge enterprises

Zhengzhou Dingsheng was founded in 1997. Environmental protection has been tested for more than ten years, and it is already familiar with sludge treatment and disposal. At this stage, most of the testing methods of tensile testing machines are mainly two aspects of sludge treatment problems faced by sewage enterprises: there is no mature sludge treatment technology, and they are powerless to deal with sludge treatment and do not know where to start; I don't know much about the selection of sludge treatment equipment, and I don't know what kind of sludge treatment equipment can realize the comprehensive cost of sludge treatment more economically, and achieve good sludge treatment effect

first of all, from the aspect of sludge treatment technology, Zhengzhou Dingsheng generally first adjusts the sludge to make it harmless, and turns the water in the sludge into free water to reduce the difficulty of sludge treatment; Then, Dingsheng ultra-high pressure sludge dryer is used for sludge dewatering to form sludge cake with low moisture content; After sludge dewatering, sludge composting, sludge brick making, sludge cement making and sludge incineration can be carried out according to the pre-designed sludge treatment scheme

in the selection of sludge treatment equipment, Zhengzhou Dingsheng will also select different types of sludge treatment equipment according to the sludge production of customers. If the sludge production of a pharmaceutical factory is more or less and unstable, the sludge dryer with different sludge treatment capacity will be selected, which will not make the equipment idle and will not be too late for treatment at the peak of sludge production. For the sludge treatment project, how to select the sludge treatment equipment model, sludge treatment equipment type, etc., Zhengzhou Dingsheng has always selected models for customers based on the principle of economy

facing the confusion of customers in sludge treatment, Zhengzhou Dingsheng provides the most professional technical support and high-quality sludge treatment equipment. In the sludge treatment and disposal projects that have been built, the sludge treatment is complete, the economic benefits are considerable, and the long-term reasonable operation can be achieved. Here, Zhengzhou Dingsheng also welcomes sewage discharge enterprises from all over the country to consult and visit. Zhengzhou Dingsheng has always been a strong backing for sludge treatment enterprises


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