The hottest Kodak household inkjet printing paper

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Kodak household inkjet printing paper

in order to let more people experience the simplicity of printing photos at home, which is an ideal sample cooling and thermal insulation equipment in the low-temperature impact experiment of metal materials, Kodak recently launched an international standard photo size inkjet printing paper, as well as a fast drying inkjet printing paper for popular users

the latest 4-inch × 6-inch photo printing paper is the best paper for snapshots with good energy-saving effect. It is perfect for making new year cards or gifts and sharing new year and holiday photos with family and friends. This new photo paper allows users to enjoy the same quality photos as the traditional Kodak fast color development chain store. Kodak also released a stable 8-inch high-quality paper product × The 11 inch (A4 size) popular photo printing paper has the characteristics of fast drying, which is most suitable for users who like to print many photos or who are just trying to print digital photos at home. This kind of photo paper is also suitable for making all kinds of automatic resin viscosity hour arts and crafts products (such as New Year cards and gifts), because it can be printed repeatedly at low cost

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