The hottest Kodak vantage inkjet printing system

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Kodak vantage series spray a little like a trend of yielding ink printing system

vantage integrated digital printing system can print black, spot color or CMYK full-color 100% variable data products according to different configurations. The printing speed can reach up to 100 meters/minute, which is equivalent to printing 667 A4 sheets per minute. The printing cost is extremely low. Vantage can be configured with different controllers to process jjpds or IPDS data streams, and various post press processing equipment can be added. At present, vantage system has 11 configurations, which can be upgraded from black-and-white printing to four-color printing to meet the needs of various production methods from single to double, single to double, and complete the control of all experimental processes. Vj1000 is a high-speed, cost-effective monochrome digital printing system that can be upgraded to a color system. Vt3000 is a monochrome spot color or four-color printing system with 100% variable data printing. Vx5000 and vx5oooe are high-speed 100% variable data printers designed for high-yield, heavy-duty digital printing equipment. They are available in standard and enhanced versions


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