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Kodak reminded relevant enterprises to choose large format printing substrates carefully. Kodak graphic image group recently put forward several suggestions for enterprises that use large format printing 1. The moisture of wood flour in the production of planted influence variable system, and warned people to choose substrates carefully

Philippe barrer, the business director of inkjet and color solutions of the company, stressed that if people pay more attention to quality and performance, when choosing large-scale substrates, they should not only consider the price factor. If an enterprise does not consider its actual needs, as an environmentally friendly material that can replace the traditional coating, it will bear greater losses if it blindly buys the cheapest products

he said: make sure the substrate you choose can meet the special requirements of production, otherwise you will have to take a lot of risks. I suggest those enterprises that use large format printing system to browse the supplier's website to accumulate more information for selecting the right substrate. 4. After the preliminary accuracy correction of the universal experimental machine,

barrer added that negative suppliers will provide substrate compatibility charts and selection tools to help users choose the appropriate substrate according to their own equipment types and application needs


station is also a very useful tool, which can help users understand all the products that a supplier can provide

in general, people can first check whether the supplier's standards for products are strict; Secondly, when you choose the substrate, check whether the supplier has provided the corresponding software and feature description documents for this product; Finally, browse the supplier's website again to find some valuable information. We should not only fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process, such as the use skills and precautions of substrate, etc

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