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Kodak overprint system helps printing companies build direct mail printing process

Kodak prosper S10 overprint system to realize offline hybrid printing, and configure sheet fed post press processing equipment

Kern Printing Co., Ltd., a German comprehensive printing service provider, recently invested in three new Kodak prosper S10 overprint systems. The company is located in Bexbach area, and the equipment installed this time has a unique configuration, which will enable the company to automatically drive the workflow and simplify its direct mail printing process

Kern company has a long history in producing top-quality and complex sheet fed offset business manuals, especially in the application of spot color inks and special coatings. The company has 35 employees and has a branch in sarreguemines, France, at the border. About 10 years ago, the company decided to expand its service field and enter the field of direct sales and direct mail

provide personalized mail services for highly demanding customers

today, Kern company produces direct mail and self mailer letters for all kinds of large cosmetics retail chains, consumer goods manufacturers, travel agencies and insurance companies, with printing volumes ranging from 10000 to millions. The mail business has stimulated our interest in hybrid printing business. Andr Kern, CO president of Kern company, said that the output is carried out on the sheet fed offset press, which usually adopts 5, 6 and 8-color printing machines, mainly 3B format, and then overprint variable data of one color

after trying to use a simple inkjet printing head, the company decided to use a laser printer to meet the quality requirements of customers. For a long time, we have taken meeting customers' expectations as our primary consideration. Therefore, we consider how to meet customers' requirements for speed and quality through low-cost inkjet systems. Kern went on to say that we want to reinstall a new set of equipment next to the mail equipment to form an end-to-end solution to achieve maximum flexibility, regardless of the size and paper type. The prosper S10 overprint system fully meets our expectations

Kodak prosper S10 overprint system is the first product to apply Kodak stream inkjet technology, and was launched as a monochrome overprint system in 2009. The system can provide offset level variable data printing, with printing speed up to 1000 FPM/305 MPM, and each print head is designed for 105.6 mm overprint width. Prosper S10 system uses micro grinding pigment ink and has a resolution of 600 DPI

the system can handle all kinds of offset paper, coated paper and high gloss paper, which is also an important factor considered by Kern. The company's variable overprint and personalized applications require the use of a variety of materials, from 60 g NCR paper to 80 g/m offset paper to 250 g/m matte coated paper. At the highest printing speed, these can achieve the purpose of eliminating errors. The inkjet quality of the system on all materials can be comparable to that of laser. The most important thing is that the ink and operation cost are lower. Kern said

overprint solution, which is provided in a unique configuration

this project combines several enterprises, including pop maschinenbau, Heidelberg and Kodak. It will install a unique overprint and post press system in Kern company, and add variable data to pre printed color prints. The system can handle a format of up to 820 x 1280mm, and through Kodak prosper S10 overprint system, it provides environmental friendly new materials for double-sided variable data printing, which is valued and supported

Heidelberg folding machine/continuous feeder feeds paper into the first pop vacuum drive table. Two prosper S10 overprinting systems are installed side by side on the driving platform. The sheet fed paper is continuously printed at high speed and dried by infrared dryer, and then transferred to the second vertical vacuum drive table through the sheet fed rotation unit. Before the reverse page is printed with the third prosper S10, the barcode reader in the form of a camera will check the content to ensure that it matches the variable data printed on the front. After repeated experiments and continuous improvement, the printed material can be input to the transmission equipment or directly sent to the connected folding machine. If necessary, Kern can install all three prosper S10 systems on a driving table to print variable data on one side of the printing sheet, and its width can exceed 316 mm

provide top quality and high flexibility for direct mail

Kodak inkjet overprint system combines the quality of laser and low cost. Kern added that the system also gives us great flexibility. No matter what format, material and process we use, we can meet the most stringent requirements of customers

prosper S10 system not only plays an important role in the field of mail. Kern also plans to apply it to other occasions, such as variable content printing of consumer magazines

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