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Kodak: strive to build a profitable and sustainable enterprise

recently, rumors about Kodak's bankruptcy filing have become rampant. Gerard meuchner, a Kodak spokesman, responded positively at the first time. Gerald muchner said: Kodak has no intention to file for bankruptcy at present, and our strategy of selling intellectual property rights has not changed. Kodak will continue to focus on implementing Kodak's strategy to become a profitable and sustainable digital enterprise

we will continue to focus on implementing our strategy to become a profitable and sustainable digital enterprise, which is the best thing we can do for our customers and shareholders. Of course, we are a listed company, and investors can buy or sell Kodak shares at will. In the final analysis, the responsibility of the board of directors is to respond to the company's transactions. We cannot let market fluctuations interfere with our determination to create value for our customers and companies. Gerard meuchner said that Kodak and Jones day have worked closely together since 2003 to deal with various legal matters related to the company's transformation, including intellectual property litigation, which is not. Kodak's strategy of selling intellectual property rights has not changed. The transfer of some patents is an inevitable choice for Kodak's development strategy to transform from traditional imaging technology to digital technology, which will further enhance Kodak's core business development after the initial completion of the strategic transformation

in order to focus on the development of core business, Eastman Kodak of the United States previously confirmed that it would transfer more than 1000 image related patents, which once attracted the attention of Microsoft, apple, Google, Samsung and other companies. It is reported that the patents to be transferred this time only account for about 10% of the total patent reserves owned by the company, and have nothing to do with the company's core investment and future development. The source also said that Google and other potential acquirers have signed confidentiality agreements and will review these assets of Kodak

according to the estimation of investment company MDB capital, the value of this transaction may be about US $3billion. The 10000 patents retained by Kodak and the 1100 patents sold have at least the same value. The sampling speed is slow, which has far exceeded the US $200million market value of Kodak

Kodak's response to this is: we have no intention of guessing the time and nature of any transaction; It is unwise to negotiate with yourself. That is to say, we believe that these assets have great value, and we hope that any transaction will reflect this situation. Of course, the completion of the transaction will bring cash to the company, but it will not interfere with our cash flow through the sale of products and services. Some customers begin to complain after buying the machine

for nearly half a century, Kodak has been making profits with its lucrative film business. However, with the rise of digital technology, film image faded out of the consumer market, Kodak gradually fell into trouble, and began the arduous road of business strategic transformation

through the implementation of the authorization strategy, Kodak's strategic transformation, which does not need to stop production and wastes high costs, has also begun to take shape. In 2003, digital business accounted for less than 30% of Kodak's total operating revenue; So far, Kodak has more than 75% digital products on its product line, and Kodak's digital business has maintained a double-digit annual growth rate

according to Peng Anton, CEO of Kodak, Kodak's digital business strategy has stabilized with the deepening and promotion of Kodak's digital printing business in the global market. Our strategy is to expand our competitive advantage in the cross cutting field of digital imaging and material science. In this field, no other company has such senior expertise and experience as Kodak. We will continue to implement our commitments in the fourth quarter and even in 2012. We cannot let market fluctuations affect our ability to create value for our customers and partners

mark Kaufman, an analyst from Rafferty capital markets in New York, said that he continued to be optimistic about Kodak's future sustainability, insisted on buying Kodak shares, and said that it was naive for patent sales to be completed in such a short time

financial analyst John Ford also believes that Kodak's stock sell-off is an overreaction. He said that as early as 20 years ago, when IBM faced bankruptcy, it successfully turned its patent portfolio into an annual revenue of $2billion. Not long ago, Ford's stock hovered around only $1, and the company finally succeeded in rebirth. Kodak's situation is even better than that of IBM at that time. Kodak has advanced technology and high-quality products. Recently, HP announced its withdrawal from the hardware business, and Kodak will surely make profits in the consumer and commercial printing markets

to quote Mr. Peng Anton, CEO of Kodak, Kodak is still on the right path, so there is nothing that cannot be overcome now

we are building a brand-new enterprise and have made progress in the requirements of extraordinary fixture materials

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