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Kodak inkjet portfolio provides excellent service for the data center

at the druba 2008 exhibition, the latest expansion mode adopted by Kodak Versamark V series digital printing system with gear speed converter gives Kodak inkjet series the highest resolution, so as to provide outstanding solutions at reasonable prices for billing and reporting manufacturers in the medium-sized production field

the new Kodak Wanyin vl2000 digital printing system is specially designed for data centers that produce more than onemillion images per month, including transactions, promotions, and TransPromo documents, such as billing, account statements, and direct mail. The maximum production capacity of this product is 1090 A4 (letter size) documents printed per minute

Wanyin vl2000 digital printing system issued in drupa 2008 adopts on-demand inkjet technology and has 600dpix600dpi, which can also eliminate redundant processes when printing full-color frameworks for transaction statements and bills, thereby reducing costs and production time

Wanyin vl2000 printing system can provide a cost-effective solution, which is most suitable for data centers that need to provide their customers with high-quality documents in a short time and long-term trading and promotional materials. The low operating cost makes the system particularly economical for many commercial applications, such as multi page financial statements, credit card bills and electricity 2, and credit invoices based on the use of the machine and the service life of the oil

Wanyin vl2000 printing system is characterized by providing high-quality printing, low operation cost and medium capacity. It is the perfect complement of Wanyin vt3000 digital printing system and its advantages of high production and ultra-low cost. Ronen Cohen, vice president of inkjet printing solutions Department of Kodak graphic imaging group (GCG), said: as a supplier of scalable solutions, the elongation of low carbon steel can be calculated according to the following formula. Our carefully designed vl2000 system will meet the needs of medium-sized production data centers. In addition, Kodak will also provide the next level of V series products when their production demand increases. Recently, more and more research results show that products

Wanyin vl2000 printing system can print images with a width of 18.67 inches, and has a paper roll speed of 250 feet per minute

the system supports the most commonly used transaction and promotional printing streams, and is supported by Kodak spot color management technology. Wanyin vl2000 digital printing system adopts excellent advanced technology in user interface and system design, so it can successfully complete the work with little operator participation

data center customers can choose the Kodak system that is most suitable for their business from the most economical solutions in the industry to apply various on-demand variable data functions, such as TransPromo. McGraw, publicity officer of GCG data center and transaction processing department, said that Kodak's rich experience in inkjet technology and color management can meet today's expanding data center operation needs. Whether their production needs are thousands or millions of personalized reports, Kodak can provide independent solutions for medium and high-yield printing suppliers

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