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Kodak stream inkjet technology: take the lead

the audience of IPEX 2010 will witness the popular product Kodak prosper 5000XL printer for the first time. Driven by Kodak stream inkjet technology, this color printer will be demonstrated at Kodak booth (9-e320)

prosper 5000XL printing machine is the turning point of digital printing technology, which makes the high quality, high production capacity and low cost that digital printing could not achieve before a reality, and will create huge advantages for printing service providers and their customers. It is very suitable for books and periodicals, direct mail and catalogues. In 2014, the U.S. plastic materials trading market grew moderately in 2014. Kevin Joyce, global vice president of Kodak digital printing solutions marketing department, said that through demonstrations, samples and customer introductions, the profit margin of the coal and steel industry is still below the industrial average. Visitors to our booth will fully understand why prosper 5000XL printing machine is a breakthrough digital printing machine and put forward a series of solutions

the color prosper 5000XL printer and the monochrome Kodak prosper 1000 printer can achieve a high degree of consistency between printers and operations, allowing printers to maximize production capacity and normal operation time. Prosper product series also includes Kodak prosper S10 and S5 overprint systems (a monochrome continuous inkjet solution that can be digitally printed on a high-speed rotary printer); Post press equipment; And mailing equipment

in an IPEX pre exhibition statement for the media, rotomail Italia will become the first European customer to install the revolutionary Kodak prosper 5000XL printer. In the previous statement, it was also mentioned that prosper will be put into use in companies such as consolidated graphics, offset paperback manufacturers and webcrafters

Kodak stream inkjet technology: leading the pack

prosper solution is based on innovative Kodak stream inkjet technology, allowing printers to produce prints comparable to offset printing in quality, capacity and cost. In addition, the technology also has the unique function of permanent printing on high gloss coated paper. Kodak stream inkjet technology is the latest revolutionary technology in the field of continuous inkjet, and continuous inkjet technology was invented by Kodak more than 40 years ago

stream inkjet technology adopts continuous ink flow technology to ensure speed and precise positioning. A large amount of ink is subject to thermal oscillation when passing through the nozzle and separated into individual ink drops. Then the nozzle sprays ink drops at a very high speed to ensure precise positioning of ink drops and high image and text quality. Stream inkjet technology uses air distortion and silicon nozzle technology to achieve uniform droplet size and accurate droplet location, with the droplet generation speed of up to 40. The project is positioned for the research and development and production of wide aluminum alloy medium and thick plates for transportation and aluminum based composite plate and foil for heat transfer. At a speed of up to 650 feet per minute (200 meters per minute), the image and text quality of its processed color is close to 175 lines (LPI)

the closed and safe injection module constitutes the core of the stream inkjet technology solution. The spray module includes a row of high-speed spray nozzles, which can realize high-speed printing and make the ink transfer on the paper more simple and reliable, which can be completed at one time. In order to further improve the production capacity and maximize the normal operation time, the injection module can be replaced by the operator within a few minutes

Kodak stream inkjet technology adopts patented ink with advanced formula, which can further improve the printing quality and durability, and can be printed on light coated paper at the same time. These high-performance inks can not only provide jumping colors, extremely wide color gamut and stable colors, but also will not block the injection module, which will further improve the reliability and production efficiency of the stream inkjet system. In addition, due to the continuous flow of ink through the nozzle, it is required that the ink should not use wetting agent as far as possible, so as to keep the ink jet head clean and prolong the service life of the injection module. Because the ink contains less wetting agent, the printing quality and drying speed of coated paper and high gloss paper have been significantly improved, which are comparable to offset printing

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