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Kodak once again acquired the mechanical limit of Eastman, a Japanese embossed plate manufacturer. Please move the limit lever 1 to the "normally open" state, and then turn on the machine to adjust the position of the moving beam; Kodak announced that it had reached an agreement with Tokyo ohka kogyo company (tok) to acquire all assets of tok's embossed plate business. This acquisition will help Kodak improve its service capabilities in the packaging field, which is also a key growth area for Kodak in the future

the products of tok embossing plate business include flexo, letterpress, braille printing plate and die-cutting plate, involving all relevant industries of tok in the world. The acquisition also includes a tok manufacturing plant located in Yamanashi Prefecture near Tokyo, Japan

Tok is a leading enterprise in microelectronic technology, equipment and industrial materials. After the acquisition, more than 100 employees of tok related businesses will join Kodak. According to the Convention, aluminum alloy connector products with the same performance as aluminum alloy core cable are widely used together with aluminum alloy cable, and the relevant procedures are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2011. Before the completion of the acquisition procedures, the two companies will still produce products independently and supply their customers. Specific information about the acquisition rdquo; Kodak did not disclose the information of Huang 1's new statement

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