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Kodak united with the world's largest paper greeting card store to promote the greeting card Express Printing Service

the United States launched the greeting card Express Printing Service. Users can design greeting cards on, place orders, and take the greeting cards to bring a beautiful experience to the skin in one hour. This is a service launched by Kodak, the world's leading retail printing solution provider, in cooperation with greeting card universe, the world's largest paper greeting card store

personalized content and convenient same day extraction make this quick printing service very popular. Mindy Rosso, vice president of marketing at greeting card universe, said

according to greeting card universe, customers can DIY greeting cards by logging into their stations. They also provide a variety of occasion templates, with more than 500000 greeting card designs to choose from, and even more than 4000 design teams to design greeting cards. At the same time, if you want to make the greeting card more intimate, you can also add some of your own words or photos. There are also some unique contents on the website, such as congratulations on your purchase of new glasses, to meet the personalized needs of customers

users want their greeting cards to be intimate, simple, fast and convenient. Larry trevarthen, Kodak's deputy director of global marketing, said that Kodak was just able to provide store printing services and turn their ideas into reality

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