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After the Beijing Olympic Games, Kodak will withdraw from the top sponsor team of the Olympic Games and gradually become a company with consumer digital and commercial printing as its main businesses. Recently, Tian Geng, director of public relations of Kodak Greater China, visited Sohu and announced the transformation of Kodak. This message is compiled according to Sohu text records

Tian Geng said that as the top sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games' imaging products, Kodak could export 5 (6) items to some domestic manufacturers in the Beijing Olympic Games, providing an imaging center for photography. Among them, 206 stations are set up, and a special digital area is opened up, where photography can complete the early processing and uploading of pictures. In addition, Kodak also provides a treatment center for injured athletes and an identification system for athletes, officials and volunteers participating in the Olympic Games

Kodak has gone through 112 years of Olympic sponsorship, from the free production of the first Olympic poster and tickets in 1896 to the sponsorship of the image center and graphic printing services of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In mid October 2007, Kodak announced that it would stop signing the top sponsor agreement with the International Olympic Committee after the Beijing Olympic Games. Tian Geng explained the reasons. Kodak withdrew from the top team of the Olympic Games mainly because it needs time to make a comprehensive transformation. Kodak will gradually become a company with consumer digital and commercial printing as its main businesses

Tian Geng is the "master" of quality control. In the past, Kodak participated in the Olympic Games mainly with three businesses: certificate preparation, medical treatment and center. However, at present, both for ordinary consumers and professional photographers, the use of photographic film and its processing in today's Olympic Games has decreased sharply. Kodak's certification system for Olympic venues is now mostly from other companies. In addition, Kodak sold its medical business last year

after the transformation, Kodak's main business will be divided into three parts, of which the most important one in the future is the graphic image business, including a series of products and services such as intelligent input, design, output, process management, remote management and storage management of graphic images; Film products and consumption of digital images should rank second

in other words, we will become more BtoB (company to company) companies in the future, moving from front of the stage to behind the scenes. Tian Geng said that since it is necessary to go behind the scenes, relevant promotion platforms, including the Olympic Games, should be reconsidered. Although Kodak was still one of the top sponsors of the 2008 Olympic Games, this quota was booked as early as 2005. Today, BtoC (company to consumer) has become BtoB, and Olympic sponsorship has lost the reason to renew the contract. It can be said that with the structural changes in business and financial resources, Kodak will take the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as its perfect curtain call on the Olympic stage

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