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How to make great progress? JNC hardware tools choose from "cost" breakthrough

to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards of plastic granulator equipment

thinking about how the company and brand develop in the long term is an important responsibility of each person in charge. To some extent, a visionary, planned and actionable development goal even directly affects the length and width of the life of the company and brand. "How to reduce costs on the premise of ensuring quality" PVC door and window hinges (hinges) jg/t 125 ⑵ 000 is the direction that Mr. Zheng Yongsheng has been thinking about. As the head of JNC hardware tools, a well-known brand in the field of pneumatic and hydraulic components in China, Mr. Zheng has a very clear idea, which can be described as a step-by-step and steady way

someone once asked why Mr. Zheng has always been committed to reducing costs. Mr. Zheng replied: "from the perspective of profitability, finding ways to reduce costs should be a problem that every enterprise and brand should think about. But personally, I am more concerned about how to use it to save costs." He summarized that some of these available costs are fed back to the majority of consumers, and some are used in production and R & D to further reduce costs, thus forming a virtuous circle of production processes. This direction of JNC hardware tools has never changed

however, "practice is the only standard to test the truth". These ideas run through the brand life of JNC hardware tools for more than ten years. "R & D" and "production" are the two main "battlefields"

(JNC hardware tools two position two-way electronic valve)

"if you can eliminate unnecessary intermediate links, you can control the cost in your own hands." Mr. Zheng once said. In this regard, JNC hardware tools in research Weiner believes that development and production work in both fields. At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, he established a professional research and development team. After day-to-day experimental testing and repeated adjustment, JNC hardware tools have successively researched and developed dozens of quick connectors, cylinders, solenoid valves and other products in more than a decade; At the same time, the brand has established five major production bases covering an area of more than 10000 square meters in China, introduced international advanced production equipment and production technology, increased the production efficiency of the enterprise, so as to reduce costs, and ensure personal action in every link of the production process, basically realizing responsibility for consumers and cost reduction. It is suggested to adopt different treatment methods according to different downtime: a win-win situation

take the two position five way solenoid valve, a popular product of JNC hardware tools, as an example. After careful testing and experiments by the brand R & D team, the two position five way solenoid valve adopts nitrile rubber sealing ring, high-precision pilot head, foot turn steel wire coil, red copper coil core and brushed metal valve body, basically realizing the "three bumper harvests" in scope of use, service life and performance. However, the price of such a high-quality solenoid valve is significantly lower than the market average price, which is due to the reasonable cost control of JNC hardware tools, sufficient raw material reserves and advanced production technology. With the support of equipment in large-scale modern professional production bases, high-cost products can be produced. JNC hardware tools two position five way solenoid valve was highly praised once it was launched, and quickly became an unquestionable "star product" in the hardware and pneumatic field

(JNC hardware tool solenoid valve)

even though JNC hardware tools have made great achievements with strong cost control and enjoy high brand influence and appeal, Mr. Zheng still said that there is still a long way to go: "we should make good use of the experience accumulated over the years, further develop, and continue to maintain our original intention. The road is long, and I will look up and down."

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