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How will the aluminum door and window industry develop in 2017 after the environmental storm

the environmental storm has a certain impact on the aluminum door and window industry, and has a negative impact on the development of the aluminum door and window industry to a certain extent, which has intensified the reshuffle of the aluminum door and window industry. However, the survival of the fittest and survival of the fittest are the unchanging laws of all things. Aluminum door and window brands that can stand the test of the market will surely stand out and expand their ambitions in 2017. How will the aluminum door and window industry develop in 2017 after experiencing the environmental storm

development trend 1 of aluminum door and window industry: increase capital investment to form large-scale production

before, most aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers did not invest much in their first venture, whether in terms of capital or plant scale, and even some enterprises were small workshops or mom and pop stores with three or five people at the beginning of entrepreneurship. However, with the changes of the market and the needs of development, most aluminum alloy door and window brands are growing from these small workshops and mom and pop stores. The survival of the fittest in the market and the shuffling of the cards at all levels. After more than ten years of development, the expanded small factories are developing in the direction of enterprise group. To develop and grow in the fierce market competition, enterprise group development is the only way out. Collectivization is inseparable from fully equipped production equipment and complete talent reserves. The early investment can not be underestimated. Without the support of strong financial, material and human resources, it is difficult to rely on the original few people to fight alone. Therefore, large investment and large-scale production are the development trend and the only way to collectivization

development trend 2 of aluminum door and window industry: open more markets with multi brand marketing

due to the low entry threshold of aluminum alloy door and window industry, market competition intensifies brand competition, brand marketing has become an effective way for enterprises to improve product added value. The technical content of aluminum alloy door and window products is not high, and a considerable number of enterprises have joined the competition. The complexity of aluminum composite materials makes the product differences of various enterprises very large, so there are more brands of aluminum alloy door and window, and the competition of aluminum alloy door and window brands is also very fierce. How to improve the brand awareness of aluminum alloy door and window enterprises has become the main problem of enterprises at present. Some enterprises even have the phenomenon of multiple brands, which can open more markets and increase competitiveness. For brands, it is better to be short than excessive. Multi brands can promote the occupation of market share, but only limited to high-quality brands. If an enterprise does not have a good brand, no matter how many, it is useless, so it is not just multi brands, but multi high-quality brands! 4. Automatic spring tension testing machine

development trend of aluminum door and window industry 3: create diversified products based on aluminum doors and windows

nowadays, a considerable number of aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers have developed to a certain extent, and most manufacturers feel that a single aluminum door product can no longer fully meet the needs of enterprise development. Many aluminum door manufacturers no longer only produce a single aluminum door product, so they begin to slowly transform to cabinets Wardrobe or wood furniture industry. But some manufacturers concentrate on the research and development of aluminum door production 4 Sensor products of different specifications can be configured according to requirements, and the original products can be continuously upgraded and added value in terms of process, material, scientific and technological content, so as to continuously improve the cost performance of aluminum door and window products, and then continue to expand to aluminum door products to start development. The diversification of products should be based on the high quality of products, blindly pursuing product diversity and ignoring product quality, which is undoubtedly playing with fire. It is also necessary to clarify the company's main product series, seize market share in a single grab, and may eventually destroy their original products because of quality problems. But they will exchange information with each other

in 2017, aluminum door and window enterprises should pay more attention to market trends, consider various factors, plan the future development direction, and avoid wrong judgments and missed business opportunities. At the same time, we should also take a long-term view. Only considering the immediate interests and rough manufacturing will only speed up the elimination of ourselves

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