How to develop intelligent manufacturing in China

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How should China's intelligent manufacturing develop in the new era and new background

as the main direction of "made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing is not only an important opportunity for China to realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, but also related to the success or failure of the manufacturing power strategy. Intelligent manufacturing focuses on the promotion of digital technology, system integration technology, key technology and equipment. The company decided to continue to follow the environmental protection line of intelligent manufacturing equipment, enhance the basic support capabilities such as software and standards, continue to cultivate, improve and promote new models of intelligent manufacturing, and improve the informatization level and integration and sharing level of the manufacturing industry. Building a new manufacturing system and implementing intelligent manufacturing engineering can not only shorten the product design and development cycle, but also improve production efficiency and product quality on the basis of reducing operating costs, improve the adaptability and flexibility of the supply structure of the manufacturing industry, and create new impetus for economic growth

the vigorous development of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing has further expanded the volume of manufacturing industry, which in turn provides a broader space for industrial cooperation for the development of information technology. Information technology is integrated with emerging industries that need to be developed urgently, such as high-end equipment, integrated circuits, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, aeroengines, gas turbines, etc., to help emerging industries develop into leading industries

manufacturing informatization helps to build an innovation driven industrial development system, improve the industrial ecosystem in which cloud computing data collection, industrial enterprises, and effective waste reduction application services are interconnected and progressive, build an industrial interconnection platform, promote the deeper integration and development of manufacturing and interconnection, form superposition effects, aggregation effects, and multiplication effects, and make innovation driven the new normal of economic development

if China wants to stand out in the new round of industrial revolution, it must use expensive methods similar to "tearing tape" to peel off all layers. It must seize the opportunity of information development, promote the deep integration of information and industrialization, break the monopoly of developed countries on new technologies, take the path of industrial revolution with Chinese characteristics, and avoid missing the opportunity of industrial revolution again. Manufacturing businesses mainly include product design, manufacturing and support services. Intelligent design, manufacturing and services are the three core components of intelligent manufacturing

with intelligent manufacturing becoming the mainstream mode of industrial development, the profit margin of intelligent design and service will be greatly improved, and the profit margin of intelligent production and manufacturing business is further declining. Among them, intelligent design is the source, which can help intelligent factories accurately identify production objects and production factors. If there is no intelligent design, industrial production will be digitalized at most, far from reaching the level of intelligence; Intelligent manufacturing is the foundation, which is also the central link of the intelligent manufacturing process and the final forming process of products; Intelligent service is the guarantee. The daily operation and maintenance of production equipment in the factory require personnel participation. Some people simply call intelligent manufacturing capacity intelligent manufacturing. Without the intellectualization of design and service, the factory can only act as a world processing factory with lower profit margin at most. Similarly, without intelligent manufacturing capacity, intelligent factory will become rootless wood and passive water. Therefore, the three core parts of intelligent manufacturing are organically linked, and none of them is indispensable

building smart factories is a blue ocean for the long-term and healthy development of the manufacturing industry in the future. It can not only realize the transformation of the manufacturing industry and increase operating profits, but also improve the quality of products and the speed of upgrading according to the actual operating performance of products and the personalized needs of users, so that enterprises can put more experience into product innovation and R & D. In the future, China should not only enhance the competitiveness and influence of "made in China", but also fully tap the huge development opportunities brought by "interconnection +" to the development of China's manufacturing industry, and promote the common development of manufacturing power, networking power and innovation power in the full docking and integration of "interconnection" and "made in China"

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