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How to develop the packaging industry in Western China

the proportion of packaging industry in economic activities and people's daily life is becoming larger and larger, and its region is becoming wider and wider. Although the western region has paid attention to the development of packaging industry in recent years, it is still in a backward state compared with the eastern and coastal economically developed regions. In order to gradually invigorate the packaging industry in Western China, it is urgent to tackle the key problems in the following aspects

first, we should change the industrial concept and vigorously develop the packaging industry. After China's accession to the WTO, the division of labor in the industry has become more and more refined. The packaging industry is not only small in number, small in scale, and backward in management, but also some leaders have fuzziness. 2. The force value revision on the criterion should be performed by the customer service Department of the experimental machine manufacturer or the measurement unit recognized by the state. If the user adjusts it by himself and constitutes a quality problem, the popular manufacturers do not bear the understanding that the packaging industry is an auxiliary industry and cannot form a climate, As a result, some areas have no decent packaging, and even some are small-scale. Take Gansu Province as an example. At present, except for several large packaging enterprises in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province, the packaging enterprises in other regions, cities and counties are all in debt operation, lack of vitality, and are unable to expand the packaging industry. Most of their businesses and businesses are robbed by packaging enterprises in the eastern and coastal areas

second, we should work hard on technology. In the final analysis, the main obstacles affecting the development of the Western packaging industry are technology, backward technology, aging equipment, high cost and poor quality, which have shrunk the packaging market in the western region, and local packaging enterprises have no choice but to go to the eastern region to buy packaging. Local packaging production enterprises can't compare with southern manufacturers in terms of quality, appearance, beauty and price. "Technical barriers" have increasingly restricted the development of packaging industry in the West

third, we should adopt a joint strategy to build an aircraft carrier for the packaging industry. At present, some packaging enterprises in the western region break into the market alone. Due to their limited scale, rough technology, lack of funds and low level of operation, they are unable to undertake some large packaging orders. At the same time, in order to compete for the limited market, the packaging industries demolish each other, resulting in both losses. Therefore, some packaging enterprises in the West should adopt the "strong strong alliance, strong weak alliance, weak alliance" and use their respective advantages to form enterprise groups to jointly resist market risks and build their own brands

fourth, the western region should strengthen cooperation, complement each other's advantages, and promote the development of interregional packaging industry. It is expected that the plant construction can start before the end of the year. At present, the western provinces have their own "fist nylon 66 salt and other synthetic fiber raw material production head packaging industry", so the provinces should strengthen exchanges and cooperation, extend their own advantageous projects, and make some important packaging industries develop evenly in the western region. For example, in the bottle making industry, there is a Chongzhou glass bottle factory in Sichuan, whose scale and technology are first-class in the country. A few years ago, many liquor and beverage enterprises in western provinces and regions went thousands of miles to Sichuan to pull bottles and package, which caused large losses, high costs and short supply. Later, the enterprise jointly set up a glass bottle branch with the local people in Gansu Hexi corridor. The products basically meet the use of northwest provinces and regions, greatly reducing the transportation cost, and became the leading local packaging bottle enterprise. This way of cooperation is worth learning from the packaging industry in western provinces and regions

fifth, we should work hard on marketing. Under the premise of the same product quality, cost and price, marketing service is the key. All packaging enterprises should provide users with pre production, mid production and post production services, door-to-door design, delivery and installation, and listen to users' opinions. For enterprises with temporary financial difficulties, they can delay the payment time, impress every user with sincerity, win back the lost market, and strive to improve the overall level of the Western packaging industry

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