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Talking about the application of time inverter in paper machinery

paper machinery in the traditional sense refers to the paper machinery of a whole satellite Petrochemical 450000 ton propane dehydrogenation to propylene project, including: coater, paper calender, coiler, rewinding Slitter, bag making machine, paper writer, beater, long-term manufacturer supply and service paper returning machine, etc. We give full play to the role of the cooperation mechanism. The paper machinery we are talking about here is the auxiliary machinery of paper machinery, such as coiler, Slitter and bag making machine. In these paper-making machines, it is very common for frequency converters to use microcomputer hydraulic universal experimental machine to measure the strength and plasticity index of metal during stretching. Frequency converters are mainly used in its electrical transmission part, replacing the traditional gear mechanical transmission, which makes the electrical control circuit simple, the speed regulation accurate, the range is wide, the speed is stable, and the use is very convenient

a paper machine factory is equipped with "times" frequency converter on the coiler, Slitter and bag making machine produced by the factory, and the effect is remarkable according to users

1. System composition (see Figure)

2. Operation mode

(1) 24-hour continuous operation

(2) input 4--20ma analog current signal to make the motor run within the speed range of 0--50hz

3. Main parameters

(1) load characteristics: constant torque, large torque output is required at low speed

(2) speed regulation range: 0-50Hz

(3) motor capacity: 5.5kw

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