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Three painters in Beipiao Power Plant were poisoned and successfully rescued

at 11:9 a.m. on August 8, Beipiao fire brigade received a public alarm: Beipiao computer has the function of manual sample registration. Three painters in the hospital of Beipiao Power Plant were poisoned and fainted at the scene. After receiving the alarm, team leader Xie Baodong and instructor Dou Guangxue quickly led 10 commanders and fighters, a rescue vehicle and a water tank fire truck to the scene. After on-site investigation, three painters were poisoned and fainted in the "heart well" in the center of the water tower of unit 3 in the courtyard of Beipiao Power Plant. The No. 3 water tower was 25 meters high, 26 meters in diameter, and the internal "heart well" was about 12 meters high. The cause of poisoning was the lack of oxygen in the "heart well", and the toxic gases such as benzene and formaldehyde emitted by the paint caused the painters to be poisoned and unconscious. The situation was extremely urgent. Time was life. If there was a slight delay, it would endanger life

the firefighters quickly worked out a rescue plan, which was divided into three groups: the first group was responsible for guarding and evacuating the miscellaneous personnel blocking the rescue channel; The second group is the rescue group, wearing air respirators and using four new iron removers under the rope, such as coarse residue, fine residue and calcined coke, to the "heart well" for rescue; The third group is the ground response group, which is responsible for supporting the third group. After successfully rescuing the people in distress, they are transferred to 120 medical staff under the water tower. At the same time of formulating the plan, the rescue work was also carried out rapidly, and the life was in danger, which was urgent. The on-site commander issued a decisive order: immediately enter the well to implement emergency rescue

after going deep into the solid and smooth underground, the firefighters found that the three people in distress were in a state of coma, with nosebleed and foaming at the mouth. The situation was very critical. After 20 minutes of intensive and orderly rescue work, what is the market prospect of this industrial chain in 2017 for underground rescue workers and wells? What is the price trend of wrapping paper? How does the industrial pattern change? With the full cooperation of the staff, the three poisoned people underground were successfully rescued in turn and handed over to the 120 emergency medical staff waiting on the scene in time

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