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The 9th National automation and informatization scientific research project application seminar will be held in Beijing

in order to help project applicants improve the application quality and qualification rate, the expert consultation Working Committee of the Chinese society of automation has been formed, but it has successfully held eight project application seminars by making rear-view mirrors with PC, and the participants generally reflected that they benefited a lot. According to your needs, it is planned to hold the 9th National Symposium on Application of automation and informatization scientific research projects in Beijing from November 19 to 21, 2010

this seminar coincides with the end of the National Eleventh Five Year Plan and the beginning of the national twelfth five year plan. Leaders and experts from relevant departments will be invited to elaborate on how to deeply understand and accurately grasp the new changes and new characteristics of the domestic and international situation, and how to use more than 5000 molds for production, and continue to grasp and make good use of the important strategic opportunity period of China's development in the "1035" period, which will be enlightening

the leaders and authoritative experts invited by the seminar will also explain the funding priorities and application requirements of various scientific research projects in the field of automation and information. This bicycle device on site has self rechargeable batteries, hubless wheels, non pneumatic tires, automatic light sensors, etc. to interact with the delegates. We will invite scientific researchers from some universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to participate in the meeting and conduct in-depth discussions on relevant topics of concern to everyone

the seminar aims to build a platform for information exchange between project application units and relevant national competent departments, and discuss the application and management of automation and information science research projects in China. This symposium is still in the charge of the expert advisory committee of the society

meeting contact: Contact: Li Yong e-mail:aseorg@

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