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Discussion on the application of self-adhesive labels for medicine

self adhesive pressure-sensitive labels, commonly known as self-adhesive labels in China, are widely used in medical labels in Europe, America and other developed countries. A few years ago, the traditional way of painting glue behind the label before labeling was widely used in domestic pharmaceutical labels. With the entry of a number of well-known multinational pharmaceutical companies, affected by the pharmaceutical label packaging of these companies, some large domestic funded pharmaceutical enterprises also began to gradually adopt self-adhesive self-adhesive labels. The conversion process of this label packaging form is very rapid. According to statistics, the proportion of self-adhesive self-adhesive labels used in domestic pharmaceutical labels has reached more than 40%, and the annual growth rate of market demand for self-adhesive labels from the pharmaceutical industry has exceeded 20%. It can be predicted that it is a very clear trend for domestic pharmaceutical labels to use self-adhesive labels instead of traditional labels. Therefore, this paper mainly discusses the application of self-adhesive labels for medicine

comparison between self-adhesive label and traditional label

comparison between self-adhesive label and traditional label mainly has the following advantages:

the appearance is more exquisite and beautiful

the label that is labeled by brushing glue is easy to wrinkle because the glue dries quickly; At the same time, after the glue is dried, the viscosity is reduced, which is easy to cause the label to curl or even fall off; In addition, this traditional labeling form is easy to leave glue on the bottle body, and it is very easy to absorb dust and bacteria to form stains. Because of the above reasons, it greatly affects the appearance of drug packaging, and even brings many changes to patients

self-adhesive labels can solve the above problems to a large extent. The adhesive performance of high-quality self-adhesive labels is very excellent and lasting. During the safe period of drug use, there will be almost no wrinkling, edge warping or even falling off, and it is unlikely that there is adhesive left on the bottle body outside the labeling area

with the OTC sales of over-the-counter drugs, more and more people buy drugs directly from pharmacies. Consumers will pay more attention to the outer packaging of drugs, and pharmaceutical enterprises will also pay more attention to the improvement of packaging. Pharmaceutical labels will inevitably use more self-adhesive label materials

labeling moves faster

large pharmaceutical enterprises have a high degree of production automation, often filling, labeling, and packaging online operations. The self-adhesive self-adhesive label with high quality and strong tensile strength can be used to label more than 300 bottles per minute, which can meet the process needs of the production line of large pharmaceutical enterprises. If the traditional glue brushing and labeling process is adopted, manual or semi-automatic operation is required, and the labeling speed is far from meeting the needs of high-speed production

more in line with health requirements

well known foreign pharmaceutical enterprises have quite high requirements for label adhesives and label surface materials, and have a set of very strict testing standards. For example, the adhesive that needs to be labeled has passed the FDA demonstration, and the penetration of the adhesive into the bottle body has been strictly detected. The surface material needs to be free of fluorescent agent. The traditional medical labels with glue brushing and labeling are far from meeting the above requirements, Therefore, almost all foreign countries have adopted high-quality products that meet the above testing requirements "In the development of food packaging materials, dry adhesive labels are used as medical labels. Many materials of Farson brand self-adhesive labels of Allie Dennison company have passed the FDA demonstration, and are suitable for self-adhesive label materials of medical labels.

domestic funded pharmaceutical enterprises also pay more and more attention to the quality of medical labels, and begin to gradually adopt high-quality self-adhesive labels to replace traditional medical labels.

of course, just compare the label materials, self-adhesive labels The price of label materials is higher than that of traditional label materials with glue brushing and re labeling. At the same time, it also needs to invest in automatic labeling equipment. However, using self-adhesive labels with automatic labeling as medical labels can save a lot of labor costs for manual labeling

materials of self-adhesive self-adhesive labels suitable for medical labels

select self-adhesive label materials for medical labels, use piston rod to push ball screw out 150mm for loading and unloading, and fully consider the special requirements of pharmaceutical products for label surface materials, adhesives and backing paper

from the perspective of label surface materials:

foreign pharmaceutical labels mainly refer to self-adhesive label materials with film surface materials used in a considerable proportion of bottle labels. However, in China, self-adhesive label materials of paper surface materials are generally used for medical labels. Film materials are only used for some special drugs. Of course, some special materials are also used for special purposes, such as sealing labels. In domestic pharmaceutical labels, the bottle body labels generally use mirror coated paper material or coated paper surface material, and less use matt paper surface material. There are also a few high-end products that use aluminum foil or gold foil surface material as their bottle body labels. Generally speaking, the trapezoidal screw gap is larger than the friction, and the application life is shorter, such as Zhengda qingqingbao. Ordinary bottle labels generally use 80 grams of surface material. If the caliber is about 2cm or less, it also needs to use 62 grams of light surface material to meet the requirements of large curvature

the protection of contact lenses is a liquid management product of a listed company issuing a and B shares. Because it needs to be extruded frequently, it needs to use special film materials that are resistant to extrusion and not easy to deform. Premans products developed by Allie Dennison for this market have been designated for use by several major contact lens care fluid manufacturers in the world because of their excellent extrusion resistance and deformation resistance. Now more and more injections and syringes use super transparent self-adhesive labels on BOPP surface materials to mark their scales, which is one of the pharmaceutical packaging reforms promoted by the State Pharmaceutical Administration Based on foreign experience

this new scale marking method is more accurate and clear than the previous scale marking method of direct silk printing. From the perspective of adhesive performance of labels:

pharmaceutical labels have higher requirements for the performance of adhesive of labels: they have higher hygienic standards, which have been demonstrated by FDA; It has good and lasting final viscosity, and the viscosity will not weaken during the drug safety period; The flow performance of glue should be low, and the penetration into the bottle body should be as little as possible, and there should be no overflow glue left on the bottle body outside the label. At the same time, it needs to meet the needs of high-speed automatic labeling, and have good bidding performance and stripping force. Some customers also require that when the label is misplaced, it can be easily removed and pasted again

from the bottom paper requirements of the label:

the bottom paper is required to have good flatness, which is suitable for printing registration during high-speed printing. At the same time, the backing paper needs good tensile resistance and cannot be broken in the process of high-speed printing and labeling

introduction to some special medical labels

medical labels use special label materials, which are mainly used on sealed labels, while sealing labels are mostly used on the outer packaging boxes of drugs. The materials used are more common, including transparent BOPP labels, laser laser labels, fragile matte paper (film) labels, foam film labels and font anti-counterfeiting labels. Transparent BOPP film label and laser laser label are commonly used as sealing labels, and the materials are also familiar, so we won't introduce them anymore. This paper mainly introduces three new materials: fragile matte paper (film), foam film and font anti-counterfeiting label. Because these three materials can play a certain role in safety and anti-counterfeiting, they are beginning to be more and more widely used

fragile matte paper or fragile film

the surface material fiber is relatively short, which is very easy to be broken or torn compared with ordinary paper (film). Therefore, using this material as a sealing label, once the seal is torn, the label is easy to be torn. In addition, the viscosity of the adhesive of this self-adhesive label material is relatively strong, and the label fragments remain on the outer package and cannot be recovered. This can prevent counterfeiters from reusing the outer packaging

foam film

semi gloss white double-layer material, which is covered by a layer of transparent polystyrene film on the white foam polystyrene layer. The viscosity of the adhesive of this label is relatively strong. When the label affixed to the substrate is lifted, the label will be separated into two layers, the surface layer will be lifted, and the foam at the bottom layer will remain firmly on the substrate, so that the outer packaging can no longer be reused

font anti-counterfeiting film

the surface material is silver, white and transparent PET film. At the same time, the surface material is specially processed and contains the word "void" (the word can also be customized from the raw material supplier). After a certain labeling time, when the label is lifted again, the word will be left on the outer package, so that the outer package can not be reused

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