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Discussion on the application of testing instruments in the domestic coating industry

the continuous expansion of China's coating output not only provides greater development space for raw and auxiliary material enterprises, but also opens up market space for mechanical equipment and testing instruments. However, different from the rigid requirements of raw and auxiliary materials and mechanical equipment, the application of testing instruments of Chinese coatings has obvious "Chinese coating characteristics", and the number of coating enterprises equipped with necessary experimental instruments in tens of thousands of coating enterprises is less than 30%. The serious lack of quality control in small and medium-sized enterprises is a dilemma that Chinese paint testing instrument suppliers must face

the reason is that most enterprises are still unable to bear and maintain the cost of the laboratory because of their small output and scale. Therefore, a considerable number of domestic coating enterprises externalize the supporting tests, entrust scientific research institutions and other units to test, and then improve the formula and production process, which undoubtedly increases the cycle of enterprise production and scientific research and development, and hinders the development of the industry. This common problem is also one of the key problems that restrict China's coatings from becoming a coating power at present

Test name

application characteristics

test equipment

raw paint performance

coating or ink quality without film formation

scraper fineness meter, viscometer, specific gravity cup, specific gravity cup, acidity meter, moisture tester, limit of harmful substances

film preparation samples

production of test samples or other test samples

preparer, wire rod applicator, spray gun

film appearance


film physical properties

glossometer Thickness gauge, color difference meter, drying time recorder

film performance

film mechanical performance

adhesion tester, hardness tester, flexibility tester, wear resistance tester, impact tester


laboratory general and simulated environment

balance, oven, disperser, salt spray oven and damp heat oven from the perspective of the development of China's coating industry, the large-scale development of coating production and coating construction, The contradiction with China's relatively backward quality inspection system is becoming increasingly fierce, and the measurement standards in the quality system are closely related to instruments and equipment. Therefore, we can see that the rapid development of China's coating industry must solve the problem of upgrading the quality inspection system, and the importance of instruments and equipment is self-evident

there is no relatively unified definition of testing instruments in the industry. Broadly speaking, testing instruments used by coating manufacturers to control product quality or conduct research and development, or to meet the special performance testing proposed by customers, all belong to this category

the history of Chinese coating testing instruments is basically synchronized with that of Chinese coatings. The earliest enterprises in China that began to engage in the manufacturing of coating testing instruments include Tianjin material testing machine factory (now renamed Tianjin Jianyi testing machine Co., Ltd.), Shanghai coating industrial machinery factory (now restructured and operated), among which Tianjin material testing machine factory was founded in the 1950s and produces building material physical property testers including coatings and paints. Generally, excellent alloy structural steel is used, Shanghai paint industrial machinery factory produces dispersing machines, mixers, sanding mills, ink machines, testing instruments, pumps and other products. After the 1990s, with the rapid development of domestic coating industry and the increase of investment and market expansion of foreign-funded coating enterprises in China, the coating instrument and equipment industry has also become active, and many professional coating testing instrument manufacturers have emerged. At present, there are more than 20 domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of paint testing instruments, most of which are concentrated in Tianjin and Shanghai. There are more than 100 domestic trading enterprises and small business departments engaged in relevant paint and ink testing instruments (including professional agent imported paint and ink testing instruments)

in general, the development of domestic paint and ink testing instruments has long adhered to the policy of combining multi variety management with professional production, developing conventional instruments and supporting varieties at the same time, synchronizing instrument development with standardized technology, learning from foreign advanced technology and accelerating the localization process. So far, a relatively perfect supporting instrument production system has basically been formed, which is basically adapted to the current productivity level of paint and ink and coating industry. According to the survey and statistics of the operating varieties of the main domestic instrument manufacturers in this industry, among the 88 conventional products in five categories, 46 were developed after 1990, which has exceeded 50%; At the same time, 65 projects comply with ISO standards, accounting for 74%; There are 10 items that meet some advanced foreign standards, accounting for 11%

imported instruments also account for a considerable proportion in the Chinese market. Some major foreign paint and instrument manufacturers pay special attention to giving full play to their own advantages, emphasizing characteristics, fully promoting professional production and being able to apply some advanced technologies in time. They often focus on a certain variety, constantly invest money in development and research, and make this product the world's top product. Such as Brookfield (viscometer), BIC Gartner (gloss meter), Ashley (colorimeter), Taber (abrasion resistance meter), quinix (thickness meter), Minolta (colorimeter), Atlas (environmental testing equipment), Q-Lab (weather resistance experimental testing equipment), etc

the sales volume of imported instruments in China has always exceeded more than half of the total sales volume. First, the quality and accuracy of imported instruments are indeed better than domestic instruments, especially some instruments used for color, thickness, gloss and viscosity measurement. There is still a large gap between domestic technology and foreign technology; This kind of material is optimized for strength and toughness. On the other hand, in terms of the current price system of instruments, the price of imported instruments is times that of domestic instruments of the same variety. Although the overall number of imported instruments is not as large as that of domestic instruments, its high price makes the total sales account for a large proportion

the progress of coating technology and production process also provides a development direction for coating testing instruments. The characteristics of data platform processing, digital evolution, volume reduction and function diversification are increasingly reflected

in terms of film thickness testing, quanix portable coating thickness gauge can use either a built-in probe or a lead wire as an external probe, using different probes to meet the needs of different tasks. Complete probe series for selection. It is very easy to change the probe. The relevant parameters have been stored in the probe, and the new probe can be used immediately. The stored measurement data can be transmitted to the computer, and the professional software provided by quanix will analyze and process the data to realize data sorting, statistics, analysis, storage, output and print data results


colori7, a desktop spectrophotometer launched by aseli for the paint industry, is a standard level instrument with complete functions, which is used to establish a reliable digital workflow and can accurately measure paint samples. Colorimatch is an intelligent color matching solution for plastics, coatings and textiles. The software package can carry out color analysis quickly and accurately, and will optimize each formula in terms of cost and color accuracy. Using electronic colors to facilitate communication, while saving time and money, can be on the computer. British composite materials company has summarized a new report to simulate the color with fabric texture and the actual fabric color for communication. This function has been built in colorimatch to provide customers and markets with a series of innovative modified plastic products professional, which is a breakthrough color matching software to improve color matching efficiency

the change of volume reduction and function diversification is also a change that cannot be ignored in the field of instruments and equipment. Pig multi-purpose coating detector of BIC Gartner company can simultaneously measure coating thickness, hardness and adhesion. E-4435 can realize two functions of thickness measurement and gloss measurement on the same instrument. The thickness gauge of German quinix series is only more than 60 grams, and only needs a No. 5 dry battery, which is very convenient to use

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