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Discussion on the application of anti-counterfeiting technology in tobacco and alcohol packaging (IV)

IV. anti counterfeiting of processing technology

1. Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo or packaging film

is the most widely used in tobacco and alcohol packaging

the new laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo adopts encryption holography, true color holography and other technologies to prevent counterfeiting. Encrypted hologram uses optical coding, which can be encrypted in holograms. These holograms can make the size of the image change with the change of the observation distance of the human eye, or see different images in different observation directions, or store other information at a certain point of the hologram, or the hologram itself is made by computer graphics, etc. True color holography can reproduce a three-dimensional image with the same color as the objective object

laser holographic marks have been widely used in trademark, mark and other fields, but with the promotion and popularization of laser holographic mark preparation technology, the anti-counterfeiting function of laser holographic marks has declined. If the integrity of holographic marks in industrial systems such as high-end metal materials, advanced chemical new materials, electronic information materials and new inorganic non-metallic materials can not be damaged, Adding new anti-counterfeiting measures for secondary encryption can improve its anti-counterfeiting function. A kind of laser holographic marking secondary encryption comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology has been adopted in the market, that is, on the laser holographic marking, special fluorescent materials that can be detected are added through a certain process, which can not be seen by the naked eye under the sunlight, and special fluorescent pictures of various colors are displayed under the ultraviolet light of the banknote detector. It has the characteristics of friction resistance, heat resistance, convenient detection, accuracy, strong anti-counterfeiting, and the production cost increases less

2. Holographic image positioning hot stamping

using holographic image positioning hot stamping technology on tobacco and alcohol packaging can not only increase the anti-counterfeiting function of packaging, but also improve the decoration effect of packaging. It is a relatively popular packaging anti-counterfeiting technology in the world today. Positioning hot stamping technology has high requirements for equipment, process and raw materials, which is characterized by:

1) compared with ordinary hot stamping equipment, the bronzing machine used for positioning hot stamping has both high speed and high positioning accuracy

2) positioning hot stamping requires high quality of holograms and holographic marks, mainly in two aspects: first, the accuracy of positioning marks, which should not only be consistent with the position of holographic anti-counterfeiting pictures, but also the distance between each holographic anti-counterfeiting mark should be consistent. The smaller the error, the better; Second, the holographic anti-counterfeiting identification tape roll must be neat and consistent in tightness, otherwise it will affect the positioning accuracy and the appearance quality of positioning hot stamping

3) electrochemical aluminum foil for hot stamping has special requirements

holographic hot stamping technology is widely used in packaging industries such as tobacco and alcohol, such as "Lanzhou" top grade cigarettes, Qingdao Yizhong cigarette factory's golden version of a pen cigarettes, Xuchang cigarette factory's "Dihao" and so on

3. Embossing

now some embossed packaging products can be seen in the market, such as cigarette box embossed packaging, wine box embossed packaging, etc., which completely use lines to pass through different directions, line thickness and spacing, or make them into central divergent type, rotating type, or flowing type. These lines are made into salty metal plates through physical or chemical action, pressed on the packaging boxes of gold and silver cards, and added color, It becomes a wonderful embossed painting

the advantage of embossing is that it can produce refractive effect. We all know that the reflection of light can be divided into specular reflection and diffuse reflection. Embossing just uses this optical principle, because normal scanners read the contents of the original point by point when scanning objects. The original is perpendicular to the scanning point. The light and dark information obtained through transmission or reflection records the level and color of the original. Embossing design can successfully reverse scan, and embossing can make you feel its brilliance at any angle due to its refraction effect at multiple angles, which is somewhat similar to the reflective principle of diamonds

4. Concave convex processing

first use offset printing, and then use the gravure machine to press out the uneven part without adding ink. It is expected that by 2017, the patterns that cannot be seen from the front can be seen by tilting at a certain angle, or press concave convex separately, or combine the offset image for concave convex processing to form a movable image, etc

5. Microperforation

use a laser beam to pierce holes in the paper to form words or graphics. Nothing can be seen under the reflected light, but the perforation pattern can be seen through the light transmission observation, which has the same anti-counterfeiting effect as the watermark. The beneficial conditions for the export of China's plastic extruders are increasing. There is laser drilling in the middle of the filter tip a week. The "Dahongying" of Ningbo cigarette factory also uses this technology

6. Anti counterfeiting packaging

the packaging of products can also achieve anti-counterfeiting. This kind of packaging anti-counterfeiting technology is mainly used for containers, shape sealing materials and special sealing glue for product packaging. When special sealing materials and molds are used to seal through the sealing machine, anti-counterfeiting graphics and texts can be added to the molds

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