Hottest April 19 Asian pure benzene Market Trends

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April 19 Asian pure benzene market dynamics

under the influence of the high and strong crude oil and American aromatic hydrocarbon market, the price of Asian pure benzene continued to rise significantly by $17.50/mt, FOB Korea closed at USD/ton, and cargo transactions were active. It is reported that there were at least seven transactions as of the closing

three orders of goods were traded at $810/mt FOB in the second half of May, and four orders of goods were traded at $/mt and large berth at any time in June. At any time in June, the high-end offer for the goods was $835/mt, so the buyer did not make a counter-offer

market participants said that some traders rolled goods from May to June. Due to the rising upstream prospects, other traders, including 201 green factories, 193 green design products, 24 green industrial parks and 15 green supply chain management demonstration enterprises, are more willing to make profits from price increases

many people pay attention to the statistics of U.S. crude oil inventory. At present, the automatic gauge measuring devices of many tensile testing machines use contact sensors to measure the gauge changes in real time. At present, the global shortage of toluene also provides a favorable support for pure benzene, but on Wednesday, methylbenzene closed flat

it is reported that some traders still have a lot of May pure benzene in their hands. Although the arrival price of futures of 21kt or KT deadweight is lower than 300 cts/gal ($898/mt) and the freight is $60/65/ton, Asian arbitrage against the United States still exists

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