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Aspect won the frost Sullivan labor optimization 2016 global enterprise of the year award

aspect won this award because it can best meet the future needs of users and takes the lead in launching innovative labor optimization (WFO) solutions

with the ingenious design of Mila, a chat robot equipped in the labor force, and aspect EQ workforce optimization, it has significantly improved the interaction ability of agents and become a unique market differentiation advantage of aspect, Aspect, the world's leading fully integrated customer contact management, labor optimization and background management, and the award-winning cloud computing solution provider, announced that it won the 2016 global enterprise of the year award in the labor optimization industry issued by frost Sullivan. Only enterprises with outstanding growth, innovation and leadership are eligible for this award

frost Sullivan presented the award to aspect because it has deep WFO capabilities, can provide outstanding customer support services, and its workforce management applications are increasingly adopted. In addition, the company's long-standing leading innovation ability is also an important driving factor for frost Sullivan to make the award decision

compared with competitors, a major feature of aspect labor optimization suite is that it provides more in-depth functionality, especially in terms of flexibility and ease of use. Nancy Jamison, chief analyst of digital transformation at frost Sullivan, said that Mila, a self-service chat robot in the labor force, is another example that aspect has always been at the forefront of labor innovation. On the one hand, aspect actively improves the existing functions in its products to quickly meet the urgent needs of users. At the same time, it also timely forecasts the needs of customers and continues to launch innovative products

aspect has also won this award due to multiple key performance drivers of aspect EQ workforce optimization solution:

frost Sullivan pointed out that the newly launched labor self-service chat robot aspect Mila highlights the ability of aspect to meet the expectations of millennials for customer service personnel. In Mila's design process, aspect aims at the expectations of today's users for the staff, that is, to understand me, mobile, self-help, social, close to life, save time, make me smarter and help me explore

compared with competitors, a major feature of aspect labor optimization suite is that it provides more in-depth functionality, especially in terms of flexibility and ease of use. It has an intuitive, modern and widget based user interface. The interface can be easily customized according to the needs of enterprises

by using API, ASP not only needs to fundamentally transform the process of plastic granulator, but also can flexibly respond to user needs. Mass customization and modification is a big problem perplexing the field of labor optimization. Aspect is driven by API and can provide convenient customization services for enterprises without adjusting core products, so this problem can be solved

the demand for labor optimization business is very strong: in the first half of 2016, product bookings increased by 104% (or 100% +) year-on-year, cloud computing has a rapid momentum, and more than 2/3 of new product bookings are cloud computing based solutions

the depth and breadth of aspect EQ WFO suite, in-depth communication and full technical evaluation, market leading functions, including mobility, self-service function and ease of use, fully demonstrate aspect's determination to become the first labor optimization solution provider in the industry, said Mike Bourke, senior vice president and general manager of labor optimization business of aspect, We are honored to be awarded the 2016 global enterprise of the year award in the labor optimization industry by frost Sullivan. This also proves once again that the innovative efforts of our product portfolio meet the needs of users and are enough to help users provide a better user experience

about aspect

aspect helps enterprises break the barriers between manpower, processes, systems and data sources, so that enterprises can carry out business with customers as the center. By developing fully native contact center contact management, labor optimization and self-service functions in a single customer contact center, we help enterprises realize dynamic, dialogue and customer contact, and provide seamless and omni-channel user experience. With the agility of our global cloud infrastructure and more than 40 years of work in the industry, aspect completes the Q & a process in a simple and convenient way, maintains a high service level, and controls the operation cost to a certain level. For more details, please visit:

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growth partner frost Sullivan enables customers to accelerate their growth and occupy the best position in growth, innovation and leadership. The company's Growth Partnership service provides theoretical research and best practice models for CEOs and CEO growth teams to propose, evaluate and implement strong growth strategies. Frost Sullivan has 31 offices on six continents. They will further challenge the production of shopping bags, food boxes, food trays, various types of plastic containers and biodegradable materials carrying them. In the past 50 years, frost Sullivan has worked hand in hand with the world's top 1000 enterprises, growth enterprises and the investment community. If you are interested in joining our growth partner program, please log in to:


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