2019 polymer foaming technology application Summit

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2019 polymer foaming technology application Summit Forum

enterprises, institutions and scientific research institutions:

the evolution of foaming materials not only meets the needs of construction, refrigeration, transportation, automobile, aviation and other fields, but also has higher and higher requirements for foaming materials. Europe has restricted the chemical foaming of shoe materials, requiring physical foaming, environmental protection and intelligence, and humanization is even more urgent. Therefore, foamed material A. high precision pneumatic sensor: 10-50kn, pneumatic accuracy within ± 0.8%, the technical innovation and industrial application in the field have attracted great attention

this forum will serve as a platform for technical exchange and win-win cooperation. It will establish and strengthen cooperation through speeches, reports, product displays and other forms to achieve common growth and progress, and undertake the mission of global foaming material development and innovation in the future

the first session was successfully held in Zhengzhou in March 2018, which was highly praised by the industry. In 2019, the National Engineering and Technology Research Center for composite modified polymer materials and Guizhou Normal University hosted the second session. Colleagues in the industry are welcome to actively participate, one participation and one harvest

meeting place:

Guizhou Science City International Conference Center (gaokege Hotel, opposite the provincial Science City of Guiyang high tech Zone)

meeting time:

check in at 2 p.m. on April 11, 2019, arrange accommodation, distribute materials, etc.

meeting on April 12-13, 2019, On the morning of the 14th, he visited the laboratory of the national composite modified polymer materials engineering technology research center and other

meeting reports:


Qu Jinping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

advances in foam technology for conductive polymer composites and lightweight applications

Prof. Park, Chul B; Academician of the University of Toronto

regulation of polymer foaming process based on CO2 dissolution and diffusion behavior

Zhao Ling, Changjiang Scholar, Professor/Dean of East China University of technology

discussion on the preparation technology of high opening structure of polymer scaffold

Li Qian, Professor/Dean of Zhengzhou University

study on the nucleation and growth process of chemically foamed polymer materials

Gong Wei, Professor of Guizhou Normal University Vice President

lightweight and functionalized supercritical microcellular foam injection molding and mold technology essentials

professor Liu Chuntai Zhengzhou University

large LNG marine fiberglass reinforced polyurethane foam

Wang Li group Zhejiang University professor


Peng Fang Fang South China University of Technology Professor, Minjiang scholar

polypropylene crystallization and foaming synergistic mechanism research

Beijing Technology and Business University Professor/Secretary

polymer elastomer foaming technology and application progress

professor Zhai Wentao Zhongshan University School of materials science and engineering professor

polyimide sound absorbing foam material pore structure control and composite structure design

Harbin Engineering University professor

micro porous injection molded foam structure improvement Research

Huang Hsiung Hsiung, South China University of Technology professor

dressing with PU foaming materials application research

Ding Xue Jia Beijing University of Chemical Technology Professor/national oil and chemical industry medical catheter polymer materials engineering laboratory director

chemical foaming polymer material foaming behavior on pore morphology

Zhang pure Guizhou Polytechnic professor

based on high-performance polylactic acid and foam green preparation technology research

Wang Guilong, Shandong University researcher

supercritical CO2 continuous extrusion foaming and its application progress

Pang Yongyan, Associate Research Fellow of Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

has electromagnetic shielding and sound absorption properties of polystyrene foam extrusion foaming research

Chen Feng, Zhejiang University of Technology associate professor

biodegradable thermoplastic polyester foam performance control

, China Chun Ling Beijing University of Chemical Technology Beijing University of Chemical Technology Professor/p>

Research on PVDF/Fe3O4/carbon film and its microcellular foaming electromagnetic shielding composite

Zhang Xiaoli, associate professor, School of materials science and engineering, Zhengzhou University

effect of foaming on fiber distribution and fracture of long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene products

Zhou Yingguo, associate professor, Jiangsu University of science and technology

progress and application of new polymer foaming agent

Liu Yaqun, chief scientist/doctor of Honeywell company


Supporting units: Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China

sponsor: National Engineering and Technology Research Center for composite modified polymer materials, Guizhou Normal University, Zhengzhou University

Undertaker: National International Joint Research Center for micro nano molding technology, National Engineering Research Center for rubber and plastic molds of Zhengzhou University,

School of materials and building engineering of Guizhou Normal University, Guizhou Institute of technology Beijing Shengshi alliance Exhibition Co., Ltd. management consulting branch

sponsor: Honeywell

media support: China polymer, plastics magazine

charging standard:

and the noise of the machine is also very small

1. The charging of this summit forum is 3980 yuan/person, and 3200 yuan will be remitted before March 25; 1500 yuan for undergraduates and postgraduates

2. The round-trip transportation and accommodation expenses shall be borne by themselves. The accommodation shall be arranged uniformly by the conference. The participants can enjoy the preferential price of the conference: 380 yuan/Deluxe Room/day (including double breakfast), and 280 yuan/day for ordinary standard room (including double breakfast). Please mark the accommodation in the receipt

3. Sponsorship fee for the conference: 30000 yuan (including one booth, two free participants and color page advertisements of the collection of papers)

4. The color page advertisement of the thesis collection is 3000 yuan and the back cover is 5000 yuan

5. The General Assembly handbag is 5000 yuan. Speech at the conference: 5000 yuan (20 minutes)

contact information:


email: samt_ Cui @

contact person for conference affairs: Cui Ling (No. can be added)

Zhang Xiaodong (No. can be added)

contact person of Guizhou Normal University: Professor Gong Wei

contact person of Zhengzhou University: Professor Liu Chuntai Dr. Jiang Jing



2019 polymer foaming technology application Summit Forum meeting schedule and bus route

2019 polymer foaming technology application Summit Forum

School of materials and building engineering, Guizhou Normal University

January 18, 2019

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